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Introducing the CoinPeople Dollars


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What are CoinPeople Dollars?


CoinPeople Dollars are banknotes that will be used as usable exchange units, between qualified CoinPeople.com members. The purpose of this endeavor is to give the CoinPeople.com web forum something very special... its own economy.


How do I get CoinPeople Dollars?


Any active CoinPeople.com user with more than 25 posts, and with at least a 30-day membership (exceptions for old CP users) will receive an "allowance" of CP Dollars every month. This will continue until 5,000 CP dollars have been allot. This maximum is to prevent inflation. If a CP dollar is completely soiled, it can be sent back to the bank (here) and exchanged for a replacement CP Dollar.


Where can I spend my CoinPeople Dollars?


To get things started, I will be opening up a small shop in the advertising forum where you can spend your CP dollars on banknotes, and a few coins. I cannot wait to see others sell things for CP dollars as well.


You can sell anything for CP dollars in the ad forum. I don't expect it to be anything rare or expensive... just to join in on the fun. My shop will be filled with stuff like Intis and Pesos. :ninja:


It shouldn't take long for a CoinPeople dollars "economy" to emerge.


What about counterfeiting?


Each and every banknote will be signed by me.


What will they look like?


Ætheling and I have created a few specimens, but we would REALLY like to see your designs. I'd like to have a 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 CP dollar banknotes. The banknotes will be uniface.


Our specimens:










If this works, it will be a lot of fun for us CP members. I also hope a section will be opened in the Ad forum for sales for CP dollars.


Also: if this is continued for a long time, older CP dollars in good condition may develop a "collector's value" of their own. A 2005 CP 1 Dollar in 2008 in CU condition might be sold for two CP dollars...


Please give your thoughts (AND BANKNOTE DESIGNS). Ætheling and I think this could be a fun thing for CoinPeople.

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Sounds like a lot of fun. Does that mean I have to post a lot to get a lot of CP Dollars?


Do all kinds of posts count or only posts to certain forum?

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I thought about changing the amount depending on how many posts one has, but there is just too many factors, so once you reach 25 posts here you can sign up to receive CoinPeople dollars and everyone will get the same amount. If you weren't a member at the old CoinPeople you must wait the 30 days as well... just like the advertising forum.


If anybody as any more questions, please ask! :ninja:

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I don't know if post counts will correlate with the denomination, but I think the Unk 1 Dollar is great, I was testing the idea.

I also like what akdrv said, it would give us slang for CP dollars. i.e.


"Send me a few Unks and we have a deal"



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Well new designs are always welcome. As you may have noticed there are two design themes pictured above, the McDoo and the other. Obviously it makes sense to stick with the one for now... although designs may change in future.


The design that is not picked for the currency will be used for another scheme. On some forums they have prestigious awards known as 'Post of the Day' (all you really get is the right to stick POTD in your signature with the nomination/award date).


Post of the Day is usually awarded seldomly and only to numismatically related posts that create fascination and debate amongst the members.


Therefore the losing note designs (probably the linked to ones designed by yours truly) will be used as prizes for the coinpeople version of post of the day.


Introducing the Coinpeople Award for Numismatic Excellence (CANE).


If you achieve one of these prestigious awards you get the $1 note, 5 the $5, 10 the $10, 20 the $20.



Getting the full set will be very tricky as these notes won't be given out liberally.


Pictures of $1 note to follow.

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Here's the newly designed $1 note.






Got a bit carried away with the lines going across the note, they appeared and followed the course spontanously, whatever looked good at the time.


Sitting further back though those random lines actually look alot like a 'P' turned on it's side with a 'C' resting on top. This CP design was not intentional but just occurred.

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