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Advice on catalogue


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Hi All,

I am new to collecting bank notes and currently store everything in an excel spreadsheet but am looking for some sort of cataloguing system, I have found numismatist catalogue on google and wondered if anyone had tried it before? http://www.redrocketsoftwaresolutions.co.uk/

It looks like it would do everything i need and it's free, it even creates a web site of your own, if anyone has experience with this and could give me some advice that would be fab!

thanks :)


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Nice but remember collecting is a lifelong thing ... A free Hosted or any hosted solution like  redrocketsoftwaresolutions.co.uk or even a big site like colnect.com is not a very good choice for keeping a catalogue of your collection. It comes down to sustainability, how long the site will last. Will it be around thirty or forty years from now? Will it still always be free? Most such sites start free until they hit a size where they think they can charge for the service.  Then you either pay up or move your catalog somewhere else. no one knows how long the site will last, and may disappear over night with all your data.

A local solution is good, as long as you have backups and skill. Excel is the most common and Access is used as well.  Both are customizable to your needs and both can embed pictures of the notes.   If you want a WEB based solution, you can always use Google docs or Azure or even Wordpress, they all will accomplish the same and may last longer than redrocket et all.   They also give you a bit more control of what to record.

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Thank you for the replies, I have gone ahead and downloaded it, it is a windows application and not hosted, it looks really good.

It can create a fully fledged website of your collection at a click of a button, so i think the hosted bit is so you can upload and store the html files it generates for you.

I will keep testing, on the front of it, it looks like a really good program.

I don't have a huge collection yet, but i'm working on it! :) Thanks!

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