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The earliest photo images of cipher series


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Please suggest re: the above. The earlier the better.

I've seen GM, of cause, and 1923 Ilyin, and 1932 Hess sale. Aware of 1910 Ilyin / Tolstoy. Are you aware of any other, able to share the pictures and catalog descriptions?

I am interested in all sorts of cipher coins, including novodels and pattern coins.  Thank you in advance!

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One is an original coin, according to catalog's description, made as an overstrike on an old denga, but surely, it would be on top of polushka... and another one described as a novodel. Thank you IgorS, I forgot to look in this cataloge!


Anyone can suggest any others?

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I am grateful to Mr. Arefiev for all of the materials that he presented already. I may have to rely on other kind souls who may be happy to share Russian plates with Elizabeth copper and with 1796 copper plates, from the above catalog. ;)

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On 1/21/2018 at 9:17 PM, IgorS said:

1984 Sotheby's Virgil Brand sale Part 4. Many novodels and original 10 kopeks.  The collection itself is very old. Brand was buying in all the early important auctions.

Hi IgorS, I asked Mr. Arefiev about access to these materials, here is his reply: "Your best bet to get good copies of the Brand sale pages would be American Numismatic Society in New York. They have a large collection of auction catalogues and welcome customer requests." Can you, or anyone, please suggest me a good contact in ANS in NY to access the scans of cipher coins with their descriptions (preferably)?

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