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1965 Elizabeth II British Crown (Winston Churchill)


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I really need some help knowing whether this is a satin finish 1965 Churchill Crown., or not.  Attached are a few pics of it.

The coin actually weighs 28.09 grams, although I have seen many coin sites describing the weight at 28.28 grams or above.

The problem I have is that I am not sure what I have here.  Is it a common or is it a VIP satin?  I also understand that the mint did strike some in silver.

I have done research about BOAC Cunard and it was 3 years prior to the 1965 minting that BOAC and Cunard merged and I don't know if this coin in the display case was given to a VIP on a cruise or on a flight.  I have went through all available newsprint during the era and could not find anything substantial.

I sincerely hope one of you knowledgeable coin experts here can give me some info, or at least  point me in the right direction.

Is this a Satin Finish or a common?  Is it possibly a silver strike because of the different weight?  

I honestly do appreciate any help at all.

Thank you very much.

Jay B.






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Welcome to Coinpeople! 

While I personally can't answer your question, I bet some folks here can. 

That picture on the bottom - is that of the same coin or a known satin/non-satin for comparison?

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