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Strange coin

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Hi. Does anyone recognize this coin - if it is even a coin?

It is made of bronze and weighs 32 grams so it's quite heavy. As you can see from the photos it's not quite circular and is 32 mm at it's widest point and 4 mm thick.

On the obverse it has a king's? head wearing a ruff round his neck . He has a crown with 4 points. The image is surrounded by a chain type embelishment. It is dated 1651.

On the reverse the small image looks like a king sitting on a throne holding a septre with a letter on either side. The lefthand one looks like an S or a dollar sign or the Greek Β (Beta), and the righthand one seems to be the Greek Ε (Εpsilon) or Σ (Sigma).

Many thanks, Bernard

Unknown 1.JPG

Unknown 2.JPG

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