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Germany 1000 MARK, banknote 1922 year, Pforzheim den 6. November 1922


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Germany 1000 MARK, banknote 1922 year, Pforzheim den 6. November 1922

I'm looking for basic information and some sort of philatelic value on the internet for this banknote in the picture below and description in the text.
Bing, Google, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo give no results, so they can not find any information.
Anyone knowing about the information in question below is worth a thousand marks (tausend mark) issued in 1922 in the town of Pforzheim.


Stadt Pforzheim gutschein ueber tausend mark 1000 M.
Pforzheim ?h merian 1646
Stadt Pforzheim
Tausend Mark


Die scheine verden von den stadtischen
kassen zum nennwert in zahlung
genommen und nach aufruf in den
Pforzheim tageszeitungen

Wer kassenscheine nachmacht oder verfalscht
odernachgemachte oder verfalschte sich
verschafft und in verkehr bringt,
wird mit zuchthaus nicht unter
zwei jahren bestraft.

Stadt Pforzheim gutschein uber


Serial number No: 033860
Serie: A



In the lower left corner there is a dry stamp that contains a coat of arms in the center of the trademark (smeared in green).
Is this a real banknote or some counterfeit (it seems to have been used)?



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This appears to be a type of banknotes called Notgeld. There were many types issued after World War One. Cities, states, companies, etc. would print these for use in the inflationary period after the war. There is too much to learn about the time period and the effects of notgeld for me to put here, but it is quite interesting and you should do some internet research on it if you are at all interested in it. Do be aware that there was A LOT of it printed and there were A LOT of issuers. As such, most of it is worth little even today. In the condition of your note, probably nothing unless it is extremely rare. 

This note is from a little later in the period of issue, and I could not find your exact note, but I did find a seller offering them from this town here: http://www.apcpapercollect.com/kellerpq.htm

Also check out this site: https://notgeld.com/grossgeld-1918-1921/what-is-notgeld


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