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1908 Roman coin collection


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Would need to see obverse and reverse of each individual coin. Most seem to be provincial or smaller bronzes in fairly rough condition; possibly uncleaned. If it does indeed contain a Julius Caesar, the value would be at least a couple hundred dollars. It might be worth a bit more as an antique educational object than for the coins by themselves - I certainly wouldn't break it up to sell them!

Priciest emperors typically would be:

- Julius Caesar

- Tiberius

- Caligula

- Galba, Otho, Vitellius 

- Nerva

- Pertinax, Julianus, Albinus

- Macrinus

- Gordian I, Gordian II, Pupienus, Balbinus

- Aemilian

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8 hours ago, Finn235 said:


- Julius Caesar - yes

- Tiberius - yes

- Caligula - yes

- Galba, Otho, Vitellius {no}

- Nerva - yes

- Pertinax, Julianus, Albinus - {no}

- Macrinus - possibly "Aurelius"?

- Gordian I, Gordian II, Pupienus, Balbinus - I have "Gordianus lll"

- Aemilian - {no}

Thanks for the info on this. It's a start. I tagged above the ones in the set. Yes they all look pretty rough. 

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Gordian III would be the grandson and son thereof of the former two, if I remember correctly. Silver coins from his reign are quite common.

For " Aurelius" it sounds like you might have Aurelian, who was around the 270s-280s or so (going off memory).

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