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Privit tovarisch:


There are several collectors of Russian coins here, including myself.  Pls visit our Russian coins forum where we have several pictures of Russian coins, and articles, posts etc.




Thank you to you and all others who have replied. I decided to join coinpeople after looking through the posts and seeing that this board has members who are more interested in collecting coins than in collecting grades.


I have had good fortune in the past and was able to obtain some interesting coins when there was significantly less competition for them. I hope I will be able to make some worthwhile contributions to this fine board.


Once again, thank you for the friendly welcome. I think I'm going to like it here. ;):ninja:

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My specialty in Russian numismatics is Siberian coins, I have collected these for years, just working on a type set though. So far I have all the coins in better grades except nice polushka. Denezhka is my most recent acquisition. I had these on a web page, but it is lost now. Maybe I will recreate it again sometime.


I have a collection of type coins of Russian Imperial period also. Now all I need is the bronze 5 Kopek of Nikolai II in BU then I will be complete. It is a favourite type series, because of the large number of denominations, from Polushka to Imperiala.


In addition I collect ancients from the cities that are now part of Ukraine, Khersonessus, Fanagoriya, Olbiya and Pantikapayaion. I want a nice coin from Tyra, it is a near and dear city.

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