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Books about Roman coins

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Can you please give me names of some books about roman coins? and i dont mean a book that is just cataloging them but more deep like their history the where and when maybe political backround of the time they were minted etc.

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It sounds like you are looking more for a book on Roman history than Roman coins.  Many Roman coin books do include a lot of history, but most are primarily a catalog.  The list of Roman history books is nearly endless.  For coin books, most that include a lot of history and background cover only a period of history and you have to buy many volumes to cover the entire series.

It sounds like you and I have a similar perspective. What I enjoy about ancient coins is researching them and I don't mean just the coin itself.  I will frequently start with the coin and then search for information on the year the coin was struck, or the person depicted, or the god or goddess depicted.  I do much of this research online, using just Google. 

There is much research, including scans of entire books and links to many more on NumisWiki

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