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Chinese poem coins (1661 - 1722)


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Was tidying up my collection and this is one set that I got a few years back. I did show it once before but wanted to do a formal digital coin album set.


A brief summary of the Chinese poem coins is that the coins were cast around 1660 - 1680s by 20 different mints in different provinces. The coins were rearranged to form poetry. As far as I understand, there does not seem to be any meaning to it but may be rearranged by phonetic.




The way I have designed is that I wanted to include both the pinyin and English pronunciation as well as traditional and simplified Chinese characters. It kinda looks cluttered but to put so much information in - it was not straight forward. As of why I wanted to do so, I honestly struggled to read different references with different annotations. Therefore this has to be done.



Enough said and enjoy the view!








Please feel free to post your pictures as well.

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