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Hole in the coin

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Hello. I'm new here and new to collecting coins. When i serf eBay looking for coins i see a phenomena that i d'ont understand. There are a lot of coins there that have a hole in them. I avoid them becaue it seems unaesthetic to me and i think it has something to do with taking the coins out of circulation. I'd like to know what is the reason for those holes?

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Depends on the coin and issue.


Some holes are intended, by the production process or just to save material.

Some are applied after the usage to create a necklace, fix other items to a firm piece of metal or to devalue the coin. Sometimes it´s hard to imagine what kind of nonsense people can do with a tool.



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Depends on the type and market.


In general : common coins holed after minting are neglected by experienced collectors looking for good preservation.

But a very rare and interesting one (eg. a coin showing a fine portrait of Julius Caesar) will easily find a buyer at a lower price level.

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