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1871 Pattern Novodel - 10 Kopecks


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I was not aware of this coin until recently - but instantly intrigued with Alexander II producing this coin honoring Alexander I.


If one were to do that, it seems an odd denomination for doing so. The bust appears to be the same as that on the Borodino roubles.


Note: I like coins with images of Tsars, so this in particular caught my interest.


Can anyone provide any thoughts or conjecture about the intentions with this coin? Best - Dwight


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Don't claim to know the real story behind the coin. My guess is that Russia, like some other countries at that time, experimented with making a cheaper more durable minor to keep up with growing demand for coins. Silver was still in relatively short supply in Russia at that time. A few years earlier Russia exchanged a large quantity of gold coins for silver minors minted in Paris.


As to displaying bust of Alexander I on the coin it is likely due to his role in Napoleon's defeat and restoration of European order. In 1870, European order was once again shaken, and the coin displaying Alexander I could have been a gentle message from Alexander II...

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Thanks. I just saw your post. This little coin is Uzd 4041 and is listed as being extremely rare. The metal is pretty flat, which does not really show in photos.


I have tried to see a link to the other Alexanders but see nothing there that would be an occasion for 1871. Thanks.

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