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Plated or a genuine error coin?


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Went and got this off ebay. This was described as a white metal error coin. The original coin is a bi-metal coin.

Some pictures




I did some weight test comparison but it seems to be within weight tolerance of all the other similar 10 ruble coin that I have. The edge is to show the color difference sandwiched between two genuine coin.

My question is, do you think this is a plated coin or a genuine wrong planchet error coin.


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Nice catch. I really have no idea but assume you've checked your resources on the existence of such a coin. Please keep us updated on what you learn.

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I returned the first coin. Took a lot of effort to convince this cannot be genuine. Guess what? The seller still continues to offer it.


There was another coin that had me interested. This looked like it had to potential to be struck on the 1992 100 ruble planchet. I decided to see it in hand








Weight wise for all the coins used


1991 10 ruble (normal) : 6.02g

1991 10 ruble (plated silver?): 5.91g

1992 50 ruble: 5.91g

1991 10 ruble (switched alloy?): 6.08g


You can see that the weight test is not reliable as the weight of these coins have a huge variance.


The surface just does not look right. At best, it looks like it is heavily cleaned. But the color and toning does not look right! Gold just looks too bright for brass and nickel copper just does not tone in such a funny color. Lastly the dot is something that just cannot happen unless it's plated.



Honestly I'm that tempted to put a scratch through the coin to demonstrate that it has been altered but I'm not too keen on throwing my money out. I've lost on shipping but this helps me keep in touch of the modern counterfeit / altered coins sellers would try to push through.


Your opinion?

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I wouldn't have any idea as I don't follow these coins at all, but your work is admirable. The counterfeit markets are ever expanding and provide an interesting "detective" area for hobbiests. Unfortunately they can also provide a big trap for unwary purchasers. Keep having fun and keeping us in the loop on these things.

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