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San Marino coin


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Hi guys! Hope all of you are fine!

Could I get your opinion (grade conservation, etc...) on this silver coin from the Republic of San Marino, 1 Lira 1906?



Actually it's been sealed in a flip, so maybe the quality of pictures is not so great...

Thanks for your opinions!

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Thanks for your comment anyway! :) Very kind of you!

I know quite well the history of the Republic, but am not so good in grading coins... ;) Actually these San Marino coins are minted in Rome. The first one in 1864, as a result of the link between the Republic and the new Italian Kingdom. During Middle Age and Modern Era San Marino did not have a mint and no coins were minted for the Republic (but there are several seals). Most of old coins are in copper, very few in silver. Anyway, both are not so common. The mintage for this one is just 30,000 (legal tender in San Marino and in Italy). I am interested in the San Marino coins between 1864 and the first decade of the 20th Century.

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