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I have updated and expanded my 15 error coin albums at http://tinyurl.com/hyjdzmd


The 15 albums contain error coin scans and macro photos from my collection and my visits at the former Royal Danish Mint.


1) Presentation (58 photos)

2) Blanks, planchets and coin production (112 photos)

3) Planchet errors (531 photos)

4) Die errors (553 photos)

5) Striking errors - part 1 (795 photos)

6) Striking errors - part 2 (216 photos)

7) Twin errors, token errors, literature, tools of the trade etc (744 photos)

8) Error coin fun (23 photos)

9) My error coin exhibition at the National Museum in Copenhagen (211 photos)

10) My personal medal made at the Royal Danish Mint (9 photos)

11) Macro photo collages of selected error coins (14 photos)

12) Theory (6 photos)

13) Danish 2002 euro test pattern set (1 photo)

14) Indian extra paper error notes (81 photos)

15) QR code to my flickr error coin photostream (1 photo)


A total of 3354 photos. Improvements, corrections and additions are made on an almost daily basis.


I have never sold or traded any error coin. When it becomes part of my collection - it stays there!


Since 2007 there have been more than 1.650.000 views of individual photos, the 15 albums and photostream.


Please have a loot - and all comments will be highly appreciated!


Kind regards,


Frank Vedel aka adanisherrorcollector aka ErrorWorld

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Thank you for the information and for your website. I look forward to spending some time there later in the week.

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