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I picked up these two greek coins from an estate sale recently. I'm trying to identify exactly what they are.

This one is a silver stater coin from Phaistos from what I have found online. Looks like it is Talos on one side and a cretan bull on the other side. It weighs 10.5 grams with the bezel. I am planning on having it tested, does anyone know what the alloy breakdown should be if it is authentic??
Any information would be amazing! Thanks!!


DSC01395 copy.jpg

DSC01398 copy.jpg

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Also a cast replica, maybe a fantasy based on this type:


Katane (Sicily). 461-450 BC.

Man-headed bull kneeling r., branch above and fish below.

Rv. Nike walking l. carrying fillet, KATANE in exergue

for genuine coins: 16-17 grams.

Cat.: BMC 1, Randazzo 55.



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