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India - One Rupee 1917 King George V "O" Prefix


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Hi - I've had this note for some time now, it was given to me by a family friend a long time ago. I was wondering about it's current value if I were to sell it.


The things that I have found out about it so far:


It's a 1917 King George V One Rupee
Signed A. C. Mc Watters
Prefix ‘O’ - The only instance of prefix ‘O’ being used in Indian Paper Money is in the 1st Issue of King George V One Rupee. The prefix ‘O’ is never used in Indian Paper Money as it is confused with the numeral zero.


I don't know if the "O" prefix affects the valuation?


Similar notes have sold for £100-£1000 I see, however I can't find any with this prefix to gauge it's value.


Anything you could tell me would be greatly appreciated.

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I could write up something, but why bother when Rezwan Razack does great work in his blog on Indian notes. Please read this article by Rezwan Razack, it contains information that you seek.




Note what is said about "O" and then see the charts. You should send Rezwan Razack and email.

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I did get an email back from one valuer, they stated that:


"Whilst it is certainly unusual for the letter ‘O’ to be used in a prefix, I am not aware that it is any scarcer than any other prefix letter in this series.
Your note is not in top condition – from your images it looks around VG to Fine – and I would estimate a market value at around £80 to £100."
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Coming to coinpeople after a long time. The prefix 'O' by itself isn't anything special. You may see some premium for the X and Y prefixes which were circulated in Africa.

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