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Nickle 2p help


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Hi, first post here but came with a question.

I've been tasked with trying to identify what appears to be a nickle (cupranickle?) 2 pence from 1989.

It has come about from my brother getting it in change a while back and recently looking into it finding only a small article from a tabloid about being rare, but I don't take those things all too seriously.

From what I've seen looking at it, it's not plated and looks to be a real 2 pence apart from the colour



These don't fully show the colour greatly as they are taken from my mobile.

What I'm wanting help with is finding out how I would go about confirming if the coin is a misprint as suspected, or what steps I would take to value it if it turns out to be what it appears to be.

Thank you for any help.

If pictures didn't work urls to uploads are here



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Welcome to CoinPeople! I collect American coins but I know several folks here are very knowledgable with commonwealth coins. They should pop in soon to help.

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There are school chemistry experiments to make a copper/bronze coin appear silvery. Being that the size is correct, I doubt that it's off metal since there's no reason for there to be a nickel blank of the same size laying around. A XRF scan or specific gravity test would confirm its metallic composition.

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