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Hand cast silver bar

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Oh, neat! I've been looking at small ingots on the Bay of E by way of building an elements collection -- you'd be amazed what's been cast and/or struck as 1oz rounds and bars (and larger, and smaller).

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Interesting design. I used to avoid these types of bars when purchasing silver for anti-inflation purposes because I found them harder to sell when things were escalating. I believe that a lot of that has changed now that the internet makes info available instantly.

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Like you say back in the day, but now with all the generic bars and rounds from the mints and the bullion dealers having their own brands minted. It is amazing what people will pay a higher premium for. I'm like you I don't pay much over the current generalized spot couple of buck premium. It amazes me some of the collectors, will pay and how they do carry on about Carr's over strikes and the high premiums. And how upset they are since his last one had only 13 pieces. All because he worked at the mint and the press he uses came from the Denver mint! on a couple of other forums. Somebody went on about how it was defacing real collecting pieces and the assembled masses went nuts and even got Carr involved.

If things go sideways, and people have to sell their silver items. The first thing to go out the window will be all the inflated premiums for the non tangibles, Like artist name,and what press it was minted on. Because I don't think many will be able to pay for or worry about coin collecting. And that is sure if the collapse comes. Since when Venezuela had their last one in the 70's silver and gold where 3rd 4th on the list of items people wanted. Guns and ammo were 1 and 2. The other down side to trying to barter silver and gold in a collapse is as soon as the word gets out you have it. Somebody with more bodies and firepower will come along to remove it from your safe keeping.

What small amount I have I will be passing on to the grand kid who is only 3 so hopefully it will go up and help him with college, car or house in the future.


On a side note on another forum I received an pm from supposedly a member that was casting his own silver bars in 50 and 100 ounce sizes in 925 which is Sterling Silver not 999 fine silver wanted to work out a deal for me. I didn't respond to it and contacted the forum about him humpimg a scam. And all from a question about how a bullion dealer was to buy from!

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The other thing that was strange about his PM was the sizes of the bars 50 and 100 ounces I can't say to other areas of the country. But at some of the gold/silver buying shops they have signs that they don't buy 100 ounce bars or they do so at a $50.00 to $75.00 below premium due to the fact that other than selling to the refiners they are hard to move and there is no profit in them.

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