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I an sure you have heard this story a million times, a family member passed away and left me some coins. That is what got me started searching for information and I ended up here. It seems like a really interesting Hobby to get into but very time consuming unless you do it for a living. I do have a lot of time these days but I really would have to educate myself before I spend any money and get ripped off. Anyway HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Hello and welcome!


It is a fascinating hobby, and it's broad enough to pick and choose what areas you care to study, and how deeply. I research some with care; others I get just because it both caught my fancy and I had a willing wallet at the same time. I always recommend having a few coins that are just had for the sake of "ooo, shiny". :)

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Hello and Happy Holidays back to you. Maybe start with a modern series that'a free of true rarities.

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