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2005 Quarter (25 Cents) Beaver Coin


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Hello All, I have a 2005 Quarter with a cartoon Beaver (with red paint on the maple leaf Jersey and Toque he is wearing) on one side and Queen Elizabeth on the obverse. The Artist is Stan Mitten. The quarter is in a Red Card Stock Pouch from The Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa.


I have not been able to find out any information anywhere about this coin. Does anyone have any knowledge of this coin, what it's value is, how many were minted etc? Thank You

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Hello and welcome. Sorry I can't help but it's not something I follow. One of our main Canadian "experts" should be here over the weekend. Hopefully he'll be able to shed some light on your question.

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Here is what I found.


Product Description

Canada: 2005 25 Cent Canada Day Coloured Quarter with Beaver

Condition: Proof Like

Mintage: 57403

Design: The coin showcases a happy beaver wearing a shirt with a red maple on it

Packaging: Coin is housed in a colourful, illustrated folder

I see it selling online for about $7.50

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