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Please help identify this coin and its value. Any help is greatly appreciated.

John Wiseman

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China, Qing (Ch'ing) dynasty (1644-1911 AD.), emperor: Gao Zong (Kao Tsung) (1736-1795), reign title: Quian Long (Chien Lung) (1736-1795), Peking (Beijing), Board of Revenue mint,, 1 Cash Obv.: 乾 隆 通 寶 , four Chinese characters, reading from top to bottom and right to left: Quian Long Tong Bao (Ch'ien Lung Tung Pao).

Rev.: ᠪᠣᠣ - ᠴᡳᠣᠸᠠᠨ , "Boo - Ciowan" , the Manchu character boo to the left of the square hole, which means "building", used as a transliteration of the Chinese character bao (宝) which means "treasure", right: Manchu "Ciowan" - name for the Board of Revenue Mint, Peking.

According to Hartill there are several issues and variants of this type:


Type variations:

Type A: Well made coins, large Manchu

Type B: 乙 radical in 乾, マ radical in 通

Type C: 乙 radical in 乾, コ radical in 通; round head ᠪᠣᠣ

Type D: Z-type 乙 radical in 乾, コ and slanting 辶 radicals in 通; protruding head ᠪᠣᠣ

Type E: 乙 radical in 乾, コ and slanting 辶 radicals in 通; round head ᠪᠣᠣ

Type F1: し radical in 乾; cursive ᠴᡳᠣᠸᠠᠨ

Type F2: し radical in 乾; gap between oos in ᠪᠣᠣ

Type G1: し radical in 乾; protruding head ᠪᠣᠣ

Type G2: し radical in 乾; crude text; broad rims


(posthumous issues: 缶 radical instead of 生 in 隆):

Type H1: vertical dots 辶 radical in 通

Type H2: oblique dots 辶 radical in 通

Type H3: horizontal dots 辶 radical in 通


Privy marks:


East branch (D-H2): Radical 貝 in 寶 has 6 strokes

East branch (H3): six stroke 貝 radical ; マ radical in 通

South branch (D-H2): Top vertical stroke of radical 車 in 乾 is slanting

South branch (H3): コ radical and two dot 辶 radical in 通

West branch (D-E): stroke linking both コ et 用 radicals in 通

West branch (F1-H2): Middle stroke protrudes from 用 in 通

West branch (H3): マ radical and one dot 辶 radical in 通

North branch (D-G): Left protuding top of radical 阝 in 隆

North branch (H1): no privy mark, コ radical in 通

North branch (H2): protruding head ᠪᠣᠣ, コ radical in 通

North branch (H3): protruding head ᠪᠣᠣ


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