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Fake Straits Settlements $1 coin


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Recently came across someone selling a Restrike Copy Of Straits Settlement $1 1909. As I didn't heard of a restrike for 1909, so I become curious and brought it from the person. From the pics, it looks like unc and new like prooflike coins.


But once you got the coin, you see a big different.

1. Dia. 37.9mm instead of 34mm

2. weight : 26.66g (for 1903,04 with dia. 37mm, for 34mm should be 20g)

3. Non magnetic

What I can said is nowadays, fake coins are making it so real even for the weights and sizes, it's really become worry for the coin collectors on finding a true real coins. As we know Straits Settlements $1 have silver content, so I did a few tests on it and failed the test, that's why I concluded this coin is fake.

The tests I done are;

1. Sound test. This coin doesn't give a high and long pitch, it's give those sound like a copper-nickel pitch.

2. Magnet resistant test. As we know, silver is non magnetic and have some resistant to earth magnet. This held in a 45 degree angle, the earth magnet slide down without any resistant unlike my other silver coins.


I not only brought this coin from him, I also brought a 1904B Straits Settlements coin.


Amazing looking isn't it?


1. Dia. 37.9mm

2. Weight : 26.67g

3. Non magnetic

4. The artist's initials "DES"

From the data above, one's will thought this is a real 1904B isn't it?


But after the tests, it also proven is fake. :swearing:

How amazing that people can fake it so real. Even looking at sidney post on how to identify fake and real 1904 straits settlements coin, I think we coin collectors also need to upgrade ourself to able to detect all those fake coin from real.

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They do look nice in the pictures. I guess there's enough profit to be made by issuing these copies.

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