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5 pounds note from 1990 signed by Meryl Lowther


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Hi. I’m new and I’ve registerd because I need help

I have recently found a 5 pounds note from 1990 signed by Merlyn Lowther and I don’t know how this is possibile. Wasn’t she chief cashier from 1999 to 2003?

I’m from Italy and it’s not like I have many pounds or that I know much about English coins and banknotes, I’ve never even been to UK, but a member of my family used to travel in the 90s and I found this 5£ note, a 10£ and a 20 £ note in an old wallet

The banknote seems real to me, although I’ve noticed that the metallic ribbon embedded appears as silver dashes on the front instead of the back of the £5 note (on the 10£ note from 2000 and 20£ from 1999 the dashes are on the back, near Darwin’s and Sir Elgan’s faces.). If I hold the note face down instead of face up the metallic thread will appear as a continous dark line.

I’ve seen online that on the 5£ G.M. Gill note the dashes are on the front as they are on mine but the problem remains that my banknote has been issued in 1990 (it’s written both on the front and on the back of the note) but it’s signed Merlyn Lowther (in 1990the chief cassier was Malcolm Gill)

The colour is greenish with some turquoise and pink (my photos are a bit too pink)

Is this an authentic banknote with a print error 1990 instead of 1999 or not?

Thank you

Kind regards


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