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Well I made another bulk bag buy the other day, family just wanted the money. Didn't seem to care about the coin collection, or token collection. The LCS said the took the first offer he gave them. The collector was in his mid 90's. He had some interesting items, that I will be posting in the other threads.  I will be starting with a pre 1988 slot token from the predecessor to the Prince cruise line. It was called Sitmar cruises.



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I see here a lot of rare tokens and chips. I a lot of you have done a great job collecting them. I think that such pieces will worth a lot in the future. It's very sad to realize that nowadays casinos are not making such tokens and chips from high-quality materials. Also, a lot of casinos are now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Anyway, I moved my hobby online. I started to play on w88 online casino. I'm pretty lucky on it. I've won a few bucks this week. I like their slots game. Are very interesting designed.

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