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Casino tokens and chips

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Very nice chips. I haven't been to a casino in quite a few years but don't recall such neat chips. I'd probably have made a collection.

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Yes I was collecting actively in the 90's and haven't been to a casino since the Soaring Eagle one in Mich was in a temporary steel argi style building while the permanent one was be built. All of mine came from collectors shows at the local trade center and LCS. Just added 140 dollar gaming cupro-nickle tokens from a buy at the LCS, haven't gotten around to photo them yet.

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I find them interesting, like tokens not to mention more colorful. than coins. not to hurt anybodies feelings I never was able to get into the collecting of the same just different years. The chips went along with the casino card decks and my collection of casino and regular dice.




And 35 pounds of dice from the MGM grand in Detroit that I got as a gag gift from my son who worked there at the time. cancelled of course.

When I was manufacturing magic tricks and clown props. I bought bulk cancelled casino dice and used them for tricks and sold them to shops that sold them for use at bachelor parties, even though being cancelled they wouldn't throw true.

I have plastic repro's of sheep's bone that the Romans used hence the nom de plume of roll them bones! to lead musket balls marked and used during the Revolution. They all fall into exonumia. In addition to the chips ,I have around 150 dollar slot coins/tokens from assorted years and casino's I recently picked up from a bulk deal at the LCS. What is sort of funny I haven't been in a casino since the early 80's

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