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Hi all, just joined today

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Hi, my name is Putti and I just became a Coin People member today. I like all kinds of world coins... ancient, modern, medals, jetons and tokens, etc. I really like very interesting, unusual and mysterious coinage the most though. I usually spend at least an hour or so every day researching something in the numismatic field. I also joined the Omnicoin site about a month ago because I needed some help (still do) identifying a rather bizarre and seemingly ancient Roman lead token that I recently ran across. I posted some photos of it there, just search my name "Putti" if you want to have a look for yourself. In fact, I wound up joining the Coin People site because every time that I clicked on the "discussion forum" at Omnicoin it took me here. I also tried to contact several other Omnicoin members with messages via email, but it hasn't worked once yet to my knowledge. I know this because I tried sending several messages to my own email address (just to see if it worked). Every time that I sent a message to myself from the Omnicoin site it would always state "your message was sent successfully", but every time that I checked for them, my inbox was still empty. Sorry for veering off track so much, but at least you all know how I got here now - lol. Anyway, I'm glad to be a new member here and please be patient with me... it's gonna take me some time to learn the ropes around here.

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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. I hope you make friends here and enjoy the site. I'll look at your omnicoin when I get on my computer.

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Nice to meet you Art1.2 and thanx for the reply. I also hope to make friends here too. By all means, please go ahead and check out my Omnicoin... I need all of the help that I can get. Hopefully, I'll be able to identify it someday. According to your interests info, you seem to prefer stuff from the US mint. When I first started collecting coins (about eight years ago), many in my collection were struck by the US mint. I have a beautiful St. Gaudens, an Indian Princess Head $3 coin and quite a few hobo nickels too. However, the most interesting US coin is probably my Panama Pacific Exposition $2.5 coin. Like I mentioned in my first post, these days I try to acquire the most interesting and obscure stuff that I can find. Thanx again for the reply and take care.

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