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Moldavia & Wallachia coins 1771 - 1774 set


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This is something I've meant to do for a while and finally got around to cataloging all the Moldavia & Wallachia coins that I have in my collection. I have been hunting them for a few years and I think it's time to take a break as I've got pretty much everything with the exception of some excessive rare patterns.


As these coins were struck with captured Turkish cannon metal, these coins are generally found in poor conditions to start off with. I guess I got really lucky with some coins as I started collecting with a student budget many years ago. In particular the 1795 2 kopek, 1771 1 para - 3 kopek and 1772 1 para - 3 kopek (valak) all proved to be very very difficult. Surprisingly pattern coins are somewhat easier to find. There are varieties to this but I guess that's enough for me.


One aspect I found interesting while photographing is the die rotation of the coins. As you can see from the reverse, I tried to faithfully keep the orientation. Also what I find something that's often neglected is the edges - they do have some beautiful floral pattern.


Ok enough talk for now and let's get to the main course




Please feel free to post your Sadagura coins!

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Compliments on your accomplishment!


To me these are some of the most historically significant Russian coins. Just imagine Larga and Kagul in one coin!

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