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The field of American sales tax tokens, stamps etc can be divided into two sections. Those that have been issued in Ohio, and that has been issued in all other states.


Blank reverse These are my first from Ohio came in a half sheet of items that will follow, that came from Akron Ohio.

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Here is one for the older members,from one of the original fast food restaurant. The deposit token was used so you didn't bring back coffee bottles from other sources.


Don't know if anybody else would go around and collect the coffee bottles from construction sites. To cash them in for pocket money, like the .02¢ soda bottle deposits. Most of the other small restaurant were glad to get them since it meant they didn't have to buy them new.

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When is a token not a token?



When somebody removes the ribbon and loop from an army service medal. this is an Army Mexican service medal


There were two versions Army and Navy ones. As far as I can determine they made tokens of this medal. On the edge you can see were the loop was snapped off.

And on another note this may be the last post for awhile,due to the virus it seems that most of what comes into the LCS. Has been coins,and bullion, very little tokens. so I am fresh out of posting subjects. I haven't took pics of a partial set of Franklin issues.

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