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Blank reverse, Heavy wear plating worn off probably from carrying lots of change with as a pocket peice.
Michael Cervalntes Saavdra the author of Don Quixote

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For any that are having a hard time figuring out what is on the token, It is an old style pinball machine on the back of a jet/rocket ship It took me a while to figure it out

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Sudbury is one of the world's major mining communities. The region is one of the world's largest suppliers of nickel and copper ores
Which is sort of funny to me having been a geology minor in college, long time mineral collector. That their "Big Nickel" isn't made from either of the two main ores, copper or nickel,but out of aluminum. Hard rock geology is referring to mining, soft rock geology refers to oil and gas geology.
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Here is an example of woodmen of the world test coins. They have issued a number of different tokens in the past. They were and are a retirement group/ living  home

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Here is a group of oldies that came from the same collection

City Is famous for being one of two cities that is completely surrounded  by another city , Hamtramck is surrounded by the city of Detroit except for a small portion of the western border that touches the similarly surrounded city of Highland Park.

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