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There seems to be a token/medalet to commemorate everything. Including the first Union solder killed in the civil war. I guess every town/village needs something to be famous for.

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Here is a Reagan memorial type medalett it sort of has a creepy look. With the curled upper lip and the way the eyes are down when it was laying on the table they sort of follow you.


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On 2/28/2018 at 9:55 PM, thedeadpoint said:

What a cool name for  town! I wonder what the history of the name is.

It's not far from my home town, actually, although I cannot say I've ever actually been in or even through Risingsun -- it's just not on the way to anywhere from where I lived.  My only encounters with it were road signs not pointing in the direction I was going saying things like [ <- Risingsun 6 ]

Looking at the records... they only report that it was named Risingsun in 1894 after having been named Rising Sun in 1874; before that it was variously St. Elms, Coon Town, and Stony Battery (and is not far from Stony Ridge, Ohio, which township I am familiar with).  The only name it gives any history for is Stony Battery, after a limestone outcropping.

There's that ol' Ohio practicality.  :)

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