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I'm guessing suits and coats were a lot cheaper in those days. Nice token.

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In our area this was the other White Castle hamburger joint along with Top Hat hamburgers long before the other fast food joints. Before paper cups, and cartons milk came into the schools in glass bottles, and the food joints used them for take out coffee. A kid could make some money by picking them up and taking them back to the local hamburger stand from construction sites.

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In Michigan soda/pop bottles had a deposit along with beer bottles you took them back to a store that sells the product. The coffee bottles were small milk bottles that were used in schools, before the ear of the Mac,King and the bell etc. the small lunch counter type hamburger stands generally would buy any somebody would bring in.

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These were sold in 1917 to raise money to help out the poor folks, knowing his history of ole Henry's political views and sympathies. I wonder how much of the money made it to the poor folks. They were made in 6 different metals all the same obverse, blank reverse.


According to this guy they weren't struck until 1963. So I guess the poor folks of 1917 didn't get anything.

Google didn't bring that one up when I checked but that would make more sense since the war was on.
Either way the folks that needed the money never got it because, who ever bought the dies probably called it profit!


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