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I have seen either this style or close to it awarded for games of skill at the old time arcades, Skee-ball etc instead of paper tickets. Of course as the token wore out,lost removed the paper tickets and the dispensing mechs would have been cheaper than replacing the tokens. Although this one is in the transit style token and could be from the old style fruit,gum slot machines instead of nickles.

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Nice token. I recall using something similar when I did a project in Milan a number of years ago. I still have a few around somewhere.

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I do recall the telephone tokens from Italy. We also had coffee machine tokens that had a crossed line down he middle and a cup of coffee on them. Have a few of those somewhere. Good coffee!!!


We had a token like the first one that you displayed that we had to use to get into the parking garage of the IBM facility we were working at.

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They seem to have changed direction in the design of them after the late 60's I have a couple state and city tokens that are quite nice and have posted them before. It was a hanger on from the fifties and the atomic age I think

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