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2014 proof half mohur

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Hi all, I'm new so please be gentle. I have a 2014 proof half mohur with wooden box and certificate. Only 400 were minted and I can only find one other for sale which is a ridiculous £640 on eBay. I'd like to know a bit about the coin and value if possible. I've emailed gold sellers and jewellers but they don't seem interested in helping. They just want to buy the coin for the scrap price(£200ish). The East India Company who minted the coin originally aren't willing to help either. They're only interested if I'm buying from them. Thanks and sorry if I've put this in the wrong category or I've broken bow rules, like I said I'm new.

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Welcome! It sounds like it's technically a medallion rather than a coin (e.g. not currency) and I would assume that most likely any information that came with the packaging would probably be more than what one might obtain online.

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