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Greetings - I see coins for sale for the Hesselgesser collection. Does anyone know about this guy and his collection or have any direct experience. I have seen some novodels from that collection posted at a very high price. Thoughts or observations welcome. Best and thanks. Dwight

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That's Dr. Hesselgesser. He collected very nice Russian coins in the 1990th. After that they were auctioned off by Superior Galleries and Goldberg Coin Auctions. It took about 5 years to auction them off. There were many novodels in the mix. Most were slabbed with his name on it. Where did you see the latest offering?

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Hi Dwight,


Link for one part of Dr.Hesselgesser collection at Goldberg sale with price realized : http://images.goldbergauctions.com/php/chap_auc.php?site=1&lang=1&sale=31&chapter=46&page=1


Can you be more specific,because some Novodels you can find on the market every year/month or very rare (Pattern Novodel 2 Kopeks, 1802-SPB,Novodel 10 Rubles in 20 Rubles weight, 1802-SPB...)


and not possible to find.



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Ho. Thanks for the responses and pardon my late response. I have been away.. There is a 1757 Hesselgesser kopeck on Ebay now going for $1050. I guess the Hesselgesser label enhances the pedigree of the coin along with other factors. Perhaps I am missing something but it seems odd that novodels are included in coin reference catalogs. I think I own the cSuperior catalog referenced above. Thanks for that link. Best. Dwight

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