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5kop1804EM - unpublished variant


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Hi everybody, see here a sensational eBay offer, an unpublished variant of the 5kop1804EM. http://www.ebay.com/itm/A10-Russland-5-Kopeken-1804-AM-Cu-Bronze-44mm-53g-ss-vzgl-Erhaltung-Raritat-/191936735630?hash=item2cb052298e:g:B0wAAOSwA3tXoJjN

The design of both sides of the type was changed in 1803. In that year we see both the early design and the later design, as well as mules of both. Rare specimens with the early eagle appear even for 1804 and 1805. But the early date side has only been seen for 1802 and 1803 - as of yet. The 1804EM eBay coin however is of the early type both sides. And at a bargain "buy it now" price. At first glance the coin looks tempting, nice color. But...... the sharp rim does not quite match with the well worn other features. "Authenticity guaranteed" but seller refuses returns............ :crazy:



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No return guaranty of authenticity is very fishy ;) It's hard to pass the judgement on the coin before you hold it in hand sometimes, but as far as I am concerned as of 1803 the new design was implemented and as of that time "old" dies were no longer made, but were finishing they lives mixing with the new dies, only when one of the new dies in a pair got damaged, without making new "old" type dies past 1803. That makes me believe it is most probably a fake, well spotted by you.

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Shubert had a great collection, once it was acquired by Tolstoys brothers and Giel had an opportunity to study them he came to the conclusions that good half of coin in the collections were novodel, fakes or counterfeits (which Shubert also collected). Nonetheless he did have a great collection with lots of genuine rarities. Possibly this is one of those coins, or another great collection in making? :crazy::shout:

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