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Waterloo medal

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I've recently bought this and I'm not quite sure what I have. The seller gave no indication of size and I was expecting something on the lines of the small "By the Mercy of God" victory medallions. Instead it seems to be a brass copy of the silver war medal issued to all troops at Waterloo. Probably a dug piece, it has been aggressively cleaned at some stage.
Brass. 36 x 3.5mm, 28.3 gr.


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William Wellesley, the Master of the Mint, was commanded to manufacture the Waterloo Medal and planned to strike approximately 40,000 medals in bronze to supply the demand. Work commenced almost immediately on rolling the copper, cutting the blanks and preparing the dies. The task for engraving the medal dies fell upon Thomas Wyon, Jr.

After trial strikes of different sizes but similar designs in Bronzes, the final choice was made, at least one of the final design was made in bronze, so there could well have been a few struck in bronze before George Prince Regent decided to have all the medals struck in silver.


If yours is brass, not unearthed bronze, perhaps they struck a few in brass to test the dies or for alignment, that does seem improbable as brass is harder to strike than copper which is to be later bronzed, if you think it could bronze well it might not actually be a trial piece but just one of the possible ones struck prior to George's change of mind.

The only other options, to my mind at least(if it is brass), is it is a copy or intended as a fake.


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