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A very very interesting coin that appeared in public today...


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I have been away for a while since I have been busy with life. Today I noticed there was a lady with a huge silver coin as a necklace.


Of course since I'm posting in this section of the forum, it has to do with Russian coins. It was a Peter II coin which I suspect it would have been minted around 1728.


So I complimented that she had a very nice necklace. To add to that, I did throw her off completely that not only was it Russian but it was struck around 1720s. Now I kinda did wish I remember what variety it was. Somewhat a shame to see it in a jewellery since it looked like a VF+ / XF- condition with natural planchet flaws...


Just a random rant for the month. :) But again, when did you get to see something like that!!!

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:bthumbup: The only time I recall someone seeing wearing a coin pendant in the past few months was a guy wearing a heavy gold chain with a Canadian 1976 $100 gold on it.




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