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I am a die hard child of the 80's, had the opportunity to see this band this past month, but didnt get around to it. This is in the era of the concert shirts, big hair and tight parachutte pants. I was a huge head banger in high school...if you can name my all time favorite heavy metal band.....I will send ya something fun. :ninja:

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It must be....




Judas Priest

Black Sabbath

Iron Maiden


Def Leppard

Van Halen


Deep Purple


ZZ Top

Great White

White Lion

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts


Twisted Sister

...one of these! :ninja:

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I used to have all of their tapes.....but sold them at a swap meet. But....I did save all of my vinyls though.....I was a die hard fan though and bought every album/tape they made.....til....they starte to suck A$$ LOL! After Somewhere In Time and 7th Son of a 7th Son came out I just stopped buying them....something changed in their music and it was horrible. I bought Power Slave and that was pretty much the down fall....Live After Death was good....but it was sort of like a Best Of. To me there is nothing like Piece of Mind....Killers....Number of the Beast....and the original Iron Maiden. I even bought a import Maiden Japan....that I believe is still unopen....wonder if its worth anything. Anyways....little history of Maiden if anyone cares....LOL!

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My cousin has a cool oil painting that his grandmother made for him of Eddy on the cover of Killers. And it is like an exact copy. Really cool!



Oh your kidding me....his grandmother?.....LOL thats hilarious. Thats great! I bet its way cool. You know its funny....on holidays or birthdays my grandma would ask me for a list. I would give it to her and would always list the tapes that I wanted....she would go and take the list and give it to the sales guy and say, "give me one of each of these." The funny thing to me is seeing this 60+ year old woman going into a record store and buying Heavy Metal Music......I miss my grandma....LOL!

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I still have the double LP Live After Death in aUNC condition!

Same here ;)


I have:


Iron Maiden (on tape)

Piece of Mind (on vinyl)

Powerslave (on vinyl) (love that album cover, soo many jokes hidden in it :ninja: )

Live after death (on vinyl)

Somewhere in time (on vinyl)

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (on vinyl)

No prayer for the dying (CD)

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Thats so strange....I honestly dont remember hidden things on the cover....course I was in a constant state of confusion in the 80's :ninja: Which may explain....man I miss the 80's sometimes....what a blast I had in high school....oh and btw Ban.....im so sorry for being so tardy on your "prize" but I just mailed it yesterday. I hope I added the correct amount for postage.

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Yes! I remember the "Indiana Jones was here" graffiti :ninja: ...


yeah, and :


- Mickey Mouse

- an egyptian behind a drawing board

- a guy looking over a wall, saying "wot, no guiness?"

- the text " WOT A LOAD OF CRAP" hidden between hieroglyphs

- at the opposite side "BOLLSK"

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