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Some Russian error coins


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Thought I'd post it here since Russian error coins are somewhat under appreciated and or underrated. Got them a while back but never got around to properly photographing them.


1750 denga, double struck




1773 5 kopek (EM), excess cud






1812 2 kopek (KM), lamination




1821 2 kopek (EM), multiple strike






Now this one is interesting - I'm actually not too sure if this is multiple strike or something else.


1930 5 kopek, rotation error




I know it's just a "normal" Soviet coin but when was the last time you see an error coin like this?


1994 50 ruble commemorating sandy mole rat, off center core




I really thought the off center core is neat! Matches with another off center core coin that I have.


Please feel free to share your Russian error coins. :)

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It's an old camera that I got about 5 years ago. A Pentax camera and it's not one of those expensive DSLR camera. Believe you can pick one up for less than a hundred dollar these days or even less on ebay as second hand. What's unique about this camera is that it allows you to take a zoom up to 1cm with it's super macro. I believe I snapped close to 9000 photos on this camera alone.


I'm sure some avid photographers believe DSLR will do a better job but to purchase one and do a proper setup... I'm very happy with what I have. :)

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