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U.S. Mint will issue centennial commemoratives of 1916 coins


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I meant to share this a few months ago (maybe somebody beat me to it). The U.S. Mint will sell commemorative gold coins marking the 100th centennial of the Mercury dime, Standing Liberty quarter, and Walking Liberty half dollar - first issued in 1916. Now, I think all the U.S. coin collectors here can agree these are three much-loved and revered designs. I wish they re-issued them in silver instead.




However, looks like the Mint hasn't posted when they'll be on sale yet. There is only a holding page on their website.


Would you get one?



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I could be wrong, but I think the reason they're not doing the set in silver is because they would've needed congressional approval to do that.

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But they don't need approval to do it in gold? That's odd. I still say they should be reissued as general circulation pieces. Yes, they can even have the mint mark on the obverse, if they insist.


What's the point of commemorating something if the commemoration is only available to a few?


The main downside I could see to making them circulation issue is that modern coins are engraved so shallow. They'd look appalling at what's laughingly referred to as 'relief' on today's coins. They need to be properly sculpted, not mashed flat.

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And this is coming from a Canadian! :shock:


Well, they're not used to a copper strip in the middle of their money; it should be white metal all the way through. :)

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