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1766 and 1767 Siberian 10 kopeck sale at Alexander AH


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I just looked it up. Alexander had some interesting Siberian copper 10 kopecks on auction just gone:




with rare edge, that you can look up here: https://adacoins.ru/live_auction/33/16578


Here are the links to other coins I mentioned in the topic name:

https://adacoins.ru/live_auction/33/16577 - regular edge

https://adacoins.ru/live_auction/33/16593 - can compare to this 1779

https://adacoins.ru/live_auction/33/16573 - 1766 lettered edge

https://adacoins.ru/live_auction/33/16576 - 1767 lettered edge


and this interesting "bowling eagle" overstrike - 10 k 1762:


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From my observations the 10 kop1767KM edge 6 (\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\) is the rarest of the three 1767 types - the other types being 1767KM edge 1 (////////////) and 1767- - (no KM) with lettered edge. However -strangely enough- at auctions it is the less rare lettered edge variant that goes up highest of the three :confus: .







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