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Coin John and Robert Kennedy


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I found this coin in my basement and I don't know what it is or what it's worth. Here is a link because the files were "too big to upload": http://imgur.com/a/zfd81

On the one side you can see an eagle and at the bottom it says "75u". On the other side you can see the two brothers with their names and the date "1963-1968".

It looks like some coins that I saw on the internet but not a single one is actually the same. I tested it and i came to know that it was made of gold.

The coin is 0.86 inch/ 2.2 cm in diameter, 0.04 inch/ 1 mm thick and it wheighs about 0.2 oz/ 5.7 gr.
I would really like to know what kind of coin it actually is and what it's worth.

Thanks in advance

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Hi and welcome to CoinPeople. This is not a coin. It's a medal of some sort. I don't know who issued it or the details of it's contents. Unfortunately most medals like this are sold regularly for the metal content value. But I'm surprised that it isn't hallmarked in any way. Perhaps on the edge of in details that I missed in your photo. Any reliable coin dealer will be able to give you an offer for it.

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