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UK farthings for viewing and or comment


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Hi Al. Nice looking farthing. I would suggest that you'll run out of thumbnail space quickly. Perhaps you should consider a separate hosting site. There are many that offer free services for your photos. I use flickr but others use other sites. Just coming up blank on names right now.

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I do have my own site but I don't think I am allowed to mention it yet,

is there a limit to the amount of pics I can upload.?

regards Al


There's a limit on the number of thumbnails the system lets you have without deleting some of the older ones. If your site is a for sale type site you cannot mention it until you meet the advertising criteria BUT you are allowed to put it in your signature line. If it's just an informational site you are sharing then you can go ahead and include the link in your post.

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g,day Art1.2

thanks for the info on that a lot of the tech talk is beyond me, I might wait and vet what people I get to come onto my new site cos I want to set it up for interchange between genuine collectors in the main. my biggest block at present is sorting the collector from the hidden dealer hey!


I have attached one of my Oils for you to peruse as a change in mailing hey!!

kind Regards Al

Oil 2011 No 34 (a).jpg

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