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The 2016 United Kingdom Premium Proof Coin Set

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Is anyone else outraged by the huge price hike of these annual sets.

These used to be called the executive set and featured proof versions of the annual circulating coins plus a few extras and retailed for about £50 about 4 or 5 years ago.

Then came the rebranding and repackaging followed swiftly by the re-pricing.

The cost virtually doubled within a couple of years of the rebranding and I purchased the 2015 set from the RM for about £150.

Yesterday I was told I need to pay nearly £200 for the privilege of continuing my collection with the 2016 edition.


Now don't get me wrong they are beautifully packaged and attractive but I just don't get the reason for the increase in price. Nothing else of significance has been added to the set that I can see, maybe others can put me right here. But maybe its time to admit end this collection here and start another chase ...


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