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equiry about 1884 silver dollar


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Not sure what you are referring to. If the eagle is upside down vs. the liberty head that's the way the coin was made. Coin alignment has the obverse and reverse are set in opposite directions. In medal alignment they face the same way.


19907671346_0d9649fe4a.jpg1885O 1D MS63 obv300 by Art OConnell, on Flickr

19939007181_615f219145.jpg1885O 1D MS63 rev300 by Art OConnell, on Flickr

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refeting to your 2 images if the head is set upright the eagle on yhe reverse is upside down is this correct??


Yes. The two images are the same coin in it's slab - front and back. So you can see the way the orientation works.

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Here's a link to the Wikipedia explanation for coin and medal orientation. Enjoy.



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