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1828 UK penny


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George IV pennies were only struck 1825, 1826 & 1827. no more pennies were struck again until 1831.


If you are comparing this Geo IV penny, which originally weighed 18.8 gm, to Victoria's pennies they only weighed about 9.44 gm, roughly half the weight & only 30mm compared to 34mm.

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g,day Constanius


we can see the 6 in the other one is almost closed over hey! good work mate, I have to scrub out the 8 and move to a six.

these coins are absolutely worthless here but I have loved collecting them, I worked out the other day I can get 150.00 for my uk pennies in bulk copper etc, heaven knows what for my 1/2d and farthings of which I have bucket loads more, still having fun with them though.

I appreciate your comments

kind Regards Al

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