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Talk me out of this.... Or into bidding


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I have seem to brought up a lot of unbelievable stuff here, what are you refrencing?






These type of auctions are almost never what they are cracked up to be !! sure the box is full of coins, but the top layer big silver coins , mostly very worn ,common walkers, and a few mercs ,some AG or less morgans ,


they are set up to get the pie in the sky nature of coin collectors working overtime !!


If there was anything of value in that box, those coins would be sold alone, this guy is not on ebay to lose money.



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Whenever I see auctions like this, I think of the auctions I have seen for the chest full of wheat cents that someone found in an attic. Someone did a calculation once and if the chest was actually full, it woyuld have weighed so much that it would have come crashing through any ceiling ever made. :ninja:



That reminds me of this one seller on ebay who posts these pics of $5,000 bags of halves from the apparently inexhaustible "Nebraska Banker's Hoard". Trouble with the pic is that the bags, 20 or so of them, are stacked on his glass showcases in the coin shop.


Wonder how many people realize that two of those bags full of silver halves would break the plate glass in one of those 70" cases? 20 of them would be hard to stack head high even if the cases would hold them. Now, 20 mint bags packed with crumpled newspaper, I could believe.

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I know the auction is done and Bobby didn't bid, and thankfully win, but who keeps there collection in boxes like that? So disorganized,  coins clanking together. Plus he says the boxes are old and falling apart, how many of these lots does he have?


My bet, like many others posted, is your looking at the best stuff on top. Good job staying away Bobby, esp at $400.


My uncle has old cigar boxes full of coins he has collected since he was a kid. But they arent in the attic, they are in his basement/workshop.


He still has a bankers bag full of wheat/indian pennies he found in a creek when he was 8 or nine.

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