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1 rouble 1745, overstrike!


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Latest World Wide Coins of California auction had a late overstrike of Elizabeth on Ivan - 1745.

It used to be a great rarity, but seems a few came to light in the past few years.

Still, the other ones have a 5 that looks like a 3 (or vice versa). With this coin it is a clear 5.



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IgorS purchasing nice error at Renaissance sale,it was great auction back in 2000.All collection sold for $1.1-$1.2 million I believed only one coin in couple years after sale can be sold for $1.0 million.

I remember before the auction dealers was saying Russian coin market will be down because 3000+ coins from one auction it is too many coins for Russian market, they was wrong.



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I made a mistake back in 2000. There was a matching 10 rouble gold coin there with similar effect. They would look nice next to each other :)

I would agree if we have enough financial resources to pay. On my wanted list was about 10-15 times more coins than I purchesing and I remember how hard was paid for my invoice , ask for extension back in 2000 to pay my invoice and the same time about 1-2 years after auction I was purchasing more coins(Ex Renaissance) from other dealers and paid extra. It was great time and prices for Russian coins more affordable :)



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