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5kop1764/3EM overstrike over 10kop1762


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I am having trouble with this forum, had no access at all for a couple of days. I wonder whether my picture will show properly. :confus:

Here is my latest find, an EM overstrike. It is also an overdate 1764/3 (the 3 had a flat horizontal top)

The 1764EM overstrikes are not abundant. According to Diakov, Ekaterinburg produced 1.776.200 overstruck pieces vs. 32.271.400 pcs with new planchets. This would mean that the overstrikes amounted to only about 5%.





I wonder why my 165KB pic was transformed to a thumbnail



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Thank you both for praising my 1764 (that's what I had hoped for). :crazy:

The 2 later EM overstrike dates are even harder to find (there was a 1765EM in the Jan.2014 New York Sale, fetched $500, not too much in my opinion of today), but there is still the 1767EM - -


Here are the mintage figures according to DIAKOV, Russian Coins of Catherine II.

1763EM on new planchets 32,654,400pcs - plus overstruck 3,870,700pcs

1764EM on new planchets 32,271,400pcs - plus overstruck 1,776,200pcs

1765EM on new planchets 41,081,100pcs - plus overstruck......28,200pcs

1766EM on new planchets 26,562,600pcs - none overstruck -

1767EM on new planchets 37,006,300pcs - plus overstruck......13,400pcs

No later overstrike dates for EM


Good luck hunting :bthumbsup:

but don't watch the 1765s and the 1767s too closely.......




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